Thanks to all those who packed themselves into Dordrecht's Bibelot venue on what was a very rainy Sunday night. After a year of self-imposed studio lock down, it was great to see so many faces, both familiar and unfamiliar.

For us it was a hairy show, debuting six songs from the next album along with plenty of old faves...and a tune for poor old Amy Winehouse. We hung in there though and now we go back and do a bit more fine tuning before we hit the road again early next year.

However, in the intervening time, the Infadel DJ's will be entertaining at the annual Wall Of Sound Christmas bash, as a way of filling the gap while doctors varnish Bnann's
tonsils in preparation for next year.

Then, to see 2007 off in serious fashion, we shall be djing at Issst vs Slaang. A quite frankly, insane warehouse party somewhere in the East End of London. If you are in or around the area, we seriously recommend looking into it. They won't halt proceedings for fireworks over Big friggin' Ben, believe me.

And so, this leaves us on the brink of 2008.

We're strapping ourselves in for a busy year and releasing a lot of music. We've worked hard to make the best possible Infadels record for you all and we hope you'll enjoy the new songs as much as we've enjoyed making them.

So, if we don't see you before, have an amazing Christmas people and we'll see you in 2008!

Mad love