Welcome to the new and improved Infadels.co.uk!

We hope you enjoy your stay. Things were getting very dusty around these parts and when you haven't got the bottomless coffers of your peers..well, you've just got to go ahead and Do It Yourself. So here we are! Newly opened are BLOG, DOWNLOADS and GALLERY sections. In time more bits and pieces will be added and we've got some pretty big plans for that TV in the corner.
Just wait and see. Also new to the scene is a YouTube channel. An easy way for you to look into our occasionally disturbing little lives. In the real world however, it's very exciting indeed...
Suddenly, gigs are getting booked and finally the time has arrived for us to leave our little hole...and it's about time people started to hear some new songs. Agreed?
First stop... China. Uh-huh. Trip out. Then we will be returning to the utterly fantastic country of Australia! Not only are we playing at the 'We Are Sounds' fest but
also playing a handful of other shows too. To see the very latest hop over to the LIVE page and check our ickle movements. In-between times, Matt and Richie have been busy and have getting a bit of a rep in the DJ circles for playing hand jiving classics and party mash-ups. Their gigs can also be found in the LIVE section as well as on their rather nifty MySpace where you can download an MP3 or two for the price of naff all. Check it

For now though, wander round and enjoy.

Look busy,