Welcome to the brand new Infadels website!

Yeah, we’ve had our heads down for a while but secretly we've been readying the mothership for 2004 and she's all but ready to blast. So to those who know us welcome back! To those who don't...

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The Infadels - 'Can't Get Enough' \ Murder That Sound' (Dead 002) BUY IT

We told you a little about this last year but now it's official. We'll be releasing said 12" on the 19th of  April this year. For a quick blast of what to expect this time, head over to our new sounds page for a 30 second sample. We hope you love it and to a slightly greater degree...buy it. Click here for a quick sample. Currently this is only available through our shop.

The first gigs of 2004

We've been working on the new show while you were all opening your presents. There will be plenty of new tunes to hear and new places to hear them
For the latest list go to the gigs page.