Hello Infadels!

As we approach the end of the year we are looking ahead to some of the biggest gigs of our merry little career.

Tomorrow we will rock 1,500 people when we arrive in Belgium to play the AB with Vitalic. Then, we roll straight to Manchester and then Brixton to support the Scissor Sisters.Will we be partaking in the expected fancy dress? Hmmm...we'll have to wait and see. Then of course the Infadels will finally get to tour the wonderful land of Oz! We are counting the sleeps, believe me. After that, we'll be thrown into the middle of the Russian winter when we play the Nokia Trends gig in Moscow. We've all just got our visas back. My photo came off looking like a  gay Michael Jackson...which is pretty bang on when you think about it.
We'll attempt to get a few more sleeps in before the biggest biggie of them all, the Infadels Christmas Party! The venue for this rave up of the hearty shall be London's LA2 Mean Fiddler, Charring Cross Road. Support comes from Leeds band Dead Disco who have one of the tunes of the year in "The Treatment" if you ask me ;-) 
More support bands will be confirmed in due course. For all the latest gig details and how to get tickets CLICK HERE.

Finally, in a final send off for what represents three years of blood sweat and tears, we've re-released our debut album, "We Are Not The Infadels" in a kind of CD / DVD flavour! If shops aren't your thing and you want to save on that valuable shoe leather you can pick up a copy from HMV's online shop where it's going for a steal at £8.99 HERE.

See you all on the other side...