I know it's now Wednesday but I've only just got myself straight enough to write an update after our "homecoming" (?) gig at The Roost last Saturday night. My god.
Thanks for the support from all who were there and big up to The loveGods who rocked the party in true voodoo style. In other news, check out this review from Gay UK and this one from Jockey Slut and then this one from Time Out. Blimey. 
We're well stoked about all the good things we're hearing but with all this action our next 12", 'Can't Get Enough' has had its release pushed back to May 3rd.
No big whoop though because soon some special news for Infadoleons across the seas (the english channel).

The anticipation.

Well, best be getting on. Hope to see you in Bath...
Love loves to love.