Well...the snow's gone, the sun is out and finally the new year blues have faded away. Without a shadow of's 2007!
So normally, one would expect us to be out touring as per the norm in Infadel world. Well, you'd be half right. While album two is being knocked into shape in a tiny and currently very leaky studio in Hackney, Matt and Richie are dividing their dj powers across the country.

The former will be rocking up to 93Ft East for the grand opening of Neu-Noise's new home (after the 333 got issues an ASBO) and the latter will be the touring DJ for the Wall Of Sound ShockRock tour. For all the details on these shows CLICK HERE.

Also, Matt has begun keeping an online diary as we progress through the as yet nameless Infadels album. If you want to glimpse inside a deranged mind then you could do worse than CLICKING HERE.

And hey, if you want to see a picture of WOS MD Mark Jones in drag then CLICK HERE

All for now but stay tuned...