Nelly Furtado at number 1!

Ok, so "Semtex" didn't break the Top 40. No need to blub though. Thanks to all your efforts we've knocked down barriers and it seems like the message of Infadelia is really
beginning to spread. With gigs getting more insane and with the phone now constantly ringing, we are all looking forward to what is going to occur next here at Infadel HQ.
So from all of us to all of you the world over, THANK YOU! Your support means everything to us... Plus, one big fat big up to all those at the 100 Club show last week. It was one of the best times we've had during our years in this band. Thanks for making it so special!
If you missed out, worry not. The Kids have invented this new fangled thing called YouTube. To catch up on gigs and who's licking Bnann's head HERE. Yup, Pinkpop was a bit insane!
Other mad gigs include our Bournemouth mash-up and the Isle Of Wight. Big hello to the new friends we made and the old ones who came and showed their support..nice one!
So now what?
Well, it's summer season so it's going to be festivals, festivals, festivals for a bit. This new relaxed attitude to gigging will be giving us a chance to build our new studio in preparation for Album 2 - Electric Boogaloo! Also REMIX COMPETITION! Right i'll turn the text to pink to heighten the sense of importance...First of all, thank you for all your entries! We got one hell of a response and therefore we're currently wading through the enteries and listening to them all with open ears. We understand how much love, effort and passion people have put into these mixes so we want to give every one the attention it deserves.
Expect the results in a week or so! Also... "We Are Not The Infadels" gets released in Japan soon so a big hello to those visiting from the Land Of The Rising Sun!

Take care of yourselves, and each other!