AS JOHNNY ROTTEN ONCE SAID, "There's  no future! For this snowman!" 

How to make a punk snowman:
Lay 6 carrots on a cutting board and trim the fat ends. Insert a wooden skewer firmly into the fat end of each carrot, leaving some of the skewer exposed. Insert the skewered carrots into the head in a row to make the mohawk. To make the ears, skewer 2 dried apricots on the diagonal into the sides of the face. Carve holes for the eyes and mouth, and press in marble eyes and the candy-corn teeth. Give Snow Punk a pine-needle nosepiercing.

Yup - seems like snow has brought the capital to its knees once more. I used to appreciate these days when I was in full time employment. Sadly, it doesn't have quite the 
same impact when the only place you have to get to is the studio...and that's only 100 yards down the road.

The reason for all this waffle is due to the fact that we're still heads down writing the new album and have no tales of fun adventures in some far flung corner of planet Earth.

However, in Infadel DJ world, it's never been more nuts. Check out the GIGS page for more info. Apart from the SHOCKROCK tour, Matty will be behind the decks with The Rakes, Dirty Pretty Things and The Glimmers when he raves it hard at Neu Noise, taking place at London's 93ft East. It's all going on next Saturday (the 17th) and looks very special indeeeeeed. For more info CLICK HERE

Wrap up warm and see you soon!