JAGGER '67 out September 19th!

Original Jagger 67 nightclub prop from the video
Original Jagger 67 nightclub prop from the video

Easy! After some full-on gigs and some full-on flat moving, finally here's a new web update... As you can see, the release for Jagger '67 / Get Into Me is now September 19th. This'll give us a bit more time to get some cash together. We need it for a new sampler otherwise we'll never get through the forthcoming September tour - more news on that in the next update though...Still - all things are good here on planet Infadel. We've got to give a big shout to the mad Brighton crowd who rocked 
the race course gig with us at the weekend. It was the hottest Infadels show of all time, easily knocking Manumission into second place. Lost a few pounds in the 
process too so all is good.


Next up - Tuesday. We'll be rocking the Camden Barfly at 8:15PM! We've been looking forward to this one as all our Barfly gigs have ended in some form of chaos and hope that 
this one will be no different. Hope to see you all there. Be good to see the London crew again!

Right - time to empty this bottle of Fabreze onto this rapidly disintergrating suit. 

It can't be healthy...

Take care!