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Infadels live at Cargo
Infadels live at Cargo

Yaggghhhh!!!!! What a month it's been so far. Here's the deal: last Thursday we played a storming gig with Freq Nasty for at the XFM Remix night. In classic style, the party rolled on to the early hours. Big up Eddy Temple-MorrisĀ for putting us up there and playing killer tunes all night long. The following Sunday he played out an interview plus a few live tracks. If you missed it... we still love you and have uploaded the highlights here. Nice. Then, oh my gosh, Fabric. Amazing. Respect to the amazing crowd that danced like nutters through the biggest show of our lives. Didn't make it back til 8am but still found time to stop off at Tescos for some pork pies and Dairylea triangles on the way home. So what now?. On Wednesday we play Audio in Brighton On Saturday night we support The Rapture in France at the LES NUITS DE FOUR VIERE night. I admit I have no idea what that means as all I managed was a GCSC F in French.

Thennnn. Back to Fabric where we're taking part in the Diesel-U-Music awards. For more on this click here.

Thennnnnnnnnnn. Our biggest headline show. 14th of July we play at the London School of Economics in Holborn (where AfterSkool is on a Saturday kids!). It would be great to
see you all there. Tickets are on sale now and can be bought HERE.

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Info overload and i've totally run out of heroin.

I mean room.