And here we are! While the country reels from the furore of Big Brother (Yeah! Ban CH4!) and the shock of Billie's "Honey To The Bee" going back into the charts, (it's true) everyone here at Infadel HQ gets adjusted to A Life Without Gigs...
So far, so easy... we're eating better, drinking less and catching up on some much needed kip. What will follow...early retirement to the Cotswolds perhaps?
Quite frankly, no. It's back to living in a box (albeit a bigger box) for album number 2. Currently, all is shaping up nicely and hopefully it won't be too long before we're back out and making some glorious noise again. For now though, any rumours of gigs are just that. This is not to say we are going to be living a life of total seclusion. Richie will be taking his box of records around the country as part of the rather spiffing Wall Of Sound ShockRock tour. Click here to be taken to all the info on
that one. Also, we've recorded a radio show for our friends over at FinelyTuned. Expect more news on that and our forthcoming video podcasts. 'Citing eh? For now, that's about it. 
But finally, let's hear it for our old friends Deaf Stereo. They've got a new single called "Youth In Movement", it's out at the end of the month and it's ruddy brilliant. Hear it here!

That's it! Speak soon my loves.