Eh? What? Well, lord knows we can never get it together to make something as accomplished as THIS so hats off to Justyn - cameraman, editor and all round professional Australian.
Back home in Hackney and we're looking ahead to two very exciting shows. Next Wednesday we make our London live return when we play a small gig at The Metro Club, Oxford Street.

Normally at this point i'd fill you in on relevant door prices and what not but, in a turn of events that left us lost for words, the show sold out in under 48 hours.
If you are going to be in there then look forward to an atmosphere that Murray Walker himself could cut with a cricket stump. We've been airing (or, to put it another way,
learning) some new tunes while we've been away and feel now we are ready to see how you guys take to them. We hope you enjoy!

Following this, we head to Glastonbury. We have many fond memories of our 2005 show there. The rain, mud, meeting Charlie, plugging in two Akai S5000's in the soaking wet and
nearly removing Bnann's head with the handclap stand at the end of the set. This year we hope for less rain but added tunes when we hit the Dance Stage East on the Saturday at some point in the late afternoon.

Also on the cards is an Infadels DJ set on the Friday in the Red Bull Arena alongside the Filthy Dukes and Erol Alkan. Gulp.

We hope to see you there!

Take care and take wellies