And after the last experience what a relief that

However, Australia. Now there is a country that knows how to have a good time. Big thanks to all those who made it the mind-bending experience it turned out to be. The gigs were some of our best ever, the crowds were mental and finally our hosts, the gorgeous Si, Tony, Joely and Shaggy turned out to be the dons of planet Earth. Salute to you guys!

Moscow, lets say, was a little bit different. Cold, rain...but we're used to that. However - for some reason never quite explained, the gig got pulled leaving us trapped in eastern Europe's dark little secret. Still, Red Square is quite nice and if you ever need a jewel encrusted egg, then it's the place to go.

But, it seems we are returning to the Netherlands one last time this year when we play a special FREE GIG at the FIFA Interactive Grand Final which is taking place in Amsterdam on the 9th of December. For details on how to get in check HERE. 

And then it will be the final few gigs of the year with our two Christmas shows. First off we have our return to York Fibbers on the 12th of December and then on to the LA2 Mean Fiddler on the 14th. Tickets for the last two Infadel rave ups for a while are available to buy now and from HERE!

Right...time to get the sleeps in.

Night night!