Just under twelve months ago we released our album "We Are Not The Infadels" on an unsuspecting public. The journey since then has taken us around the world, through 20
countries playing 200-odd shows to over a million people. It's been hard, occasionally life threatening but never anything less than the best year of our little lives. The end of the road was finally reached last week at the LA2 where we waved farewell to a thousand friends and contemplated the prospect of a slightly less hectic 2007.
However, though we may not be on the road every waking hour, The Hardest Working Band In Rock will be grafting away at their Hackney home cooking up something even better for your ears when we make our live return next year. Until then our faces will still be popping up in DJ circles and there's talk of a radio show so...keep 'em peeled!
So, once again all we can say is thanks very much! Three years of Infadelism and we're still's to another three least!

Love and respect