Infadels at Club Suicide Manchester 2003
Infadels at Club Suicide Manchester 2003

The month of Infadels live madness drew to a close at Manchester's Club Suicide last week. Although the the journey through the morning hours back to London nearly killed us, we had an amazing time. Thanks to the bods at Club Suicide for looking after us and to all the people who watched us instead of running to the bar. We hope you liked it. Pictures from the show have been added to the gig diary section.

Matt on stage at Club Suicide Manchester 2003

As I write this Matt has his head deep in the computer producing up new tracks. If things continue to carry on like this expect Outkast meets My Bloody Valentine style bliss.

Wag on stage at Club Suicide

BTW...The new Outkast album is epoch making genius. Buy it.

Previous news... Now added... I've just added a new gig diary for your special pleasure. It will contain pictures from previous shows as well as some info on what our thoughts were at the time... 'Leave Your Body', the debut Infadels 12" will be available to buy, in the shops, from Monday the 15th September 2003! Yeah, finally we got some plays on the radio and a few people wrote some very nice things about us soooo...hopefully this single will do well enough for us to do it all over again early next year with a new record