Hackney's finest, The Infadels, emerged from the East London music scene two years ago under the guise of Balboa. In this incarnation the three-piece played all over the country to much critical acclaim. However, realising that they had inadvertently become trapped in Trendy Electroclash Hell our heros ripped apart their home studio, sacked their manager and sat down to take in influences ranging as wide as The Clash, Prince, Daft Punk, Ian Dury and The Neptunes. Let's meet the band.

Bnann (voice) had been freaking out crowds with his unhinged stage persona before he hooked up with electronic producer and Dre obsessive Mattrix (Playgroup / Tall Blonde guitarist) who along with his 6ft 5" drumming pal Al, set about making the loudest funk music they could.

Go to the sounds page to download their first release 'Leave Your Body'