“The Future of the Gravity Boy” is out on Mon 19th March!

Physically released on May 21st and digitally available from March 19th the album title is a metaphor for the band’s constant obsession with man vs machine, progress vs history and computers vs guitars.  The first single will be ‘From Out Of The Black Sky’, released 16th May.

With Alex Metric on production duties, Infadel’s third studio album pushes the band’s musical boundaries, expanding on the dance sound of their previous albums with the band wrestling unpredictable analog synths and effects to create an atmosphere of humans at war with the flashing, beeping machines around them. Couple this with the bands laser firing, euphoric yet chilling future world vision and you have ‘The Future of the Gravity Boy’.

“This album is about the survival of human skills in the technological age” says singer Bnann. “I created a fantasy where the hopes of the human race were rested on a savior who wasn’t the fittest, fasted guy out there. Instead I wanted someone who stood up for the confused but skilled everyman. Someone whose place in society was being replaced by computer programs, automated machinery or just wiped out altogether”

Richie adds, “The Gravity Boy is an allegory to show how people with a vision should share that vision in order to make things happen. The album is intended as a call to arms. The basic manifesto is stand up and be counted!"

In 2006 they released the now classic “We Are Not The Infadels” to universal acclaim. The success of “We Are Not…” resulted in an unbelievable touring schedule that earned them reputation of being not only one of the hardest working outfits but also one of the finest. And the singles “Can’t Get Enough” and “Love Like Semtex” cemented The Infadels as one of the biggest British bands in Europe.  After this came the album “Universe In Reverse” and the hit single “Free Things For Poor People” found them landing unexpected daytime airplay in the UK and across the world.  Again more touring followed, culminating at the Lowlands Festival in Holland where The Infadels headlined to overwhelming praise, even beating NERD and the Foo Fighters in the end of year polls.

First single ‘From Out Of The Black Sky’ is The Infadels story in a nutshell; when all around you everything is falling down it means there’s a chance to create something new and beautiful. The other tracks on the album tackle themes of space (Jupiter 5), love of music (Violent Obilivion), relationships (We Get Along) and even metaphors for being ignored (Ghosts), all of this backed with the sound and a vision befitting of the times resulting with an album that is uplifting and macabre in equal measure, The Infadels return to shake up the musical landscape once more.

The Future of the Gravity Boy
Digital album release 19th March
Physical album release 23rd May

From Out Of The Black Sky
Single release 16th May

Track Listing:
1.  From Out Of The Black Sky
2.  The Future Of The Gravity Boy
3.  Ghosts
4. We Get Along
5.  Violent Oblivion
6.  Encounters Of The First Kind
7.  Mercury Rising
8.  Jupiter 5
9.  Explain Nothing
10.   5:03